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Gusto products are widely qualitative, practical and safe. Using advantages of global and local they are adjusted to all nations of consumers, cherishing peculiarity of local taste.


Kremisimo                                              Chocolate Cake

Along with the fact that regular and qualitative nutrition is important for healthy and qualitative life, Gusto trademarks are a result of long tradition, knowledge and care about wellbeing of consumers.
Gusto has always been young and flexible company, ready to adapt to market legislation, trying to meet needs of consumers and respond to their specific demands. Our products are a result of selected and highly qualitative raw materials, knowledge on the side of preserving nutrients.


Bisquit cake

Products are characterized by quick and simple preparation, whereby we bring satisfaction of taste and smell, thus contributing to higher melancholic satisfaction of our consumers.
The most known trademarks are: Gusto Whipped Cream Pie, Fruit Bar, Day and Night, remarkable Tulumba and even more powerful Hurmasica.

shampita VocnaStangla Hurmasica Tulumba  

Whipped Cream Pie                                  Fruit bar                                         Hurmasica                                      Tulumba