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“Ukus i Miris Gusto e Eapore” Ltd for production, turnover and services Tuzla
Abbreviated name: Gusto e Sapore or Gusto
Seat: Rudnička 11, 75000 Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Entered in the register of Municipal court in Tuzla: 032-0-Reg-13-002076
Reg.No.: 32-01-0098-09
ID: 4209946900002
VAT: 209946900002
Customs No.: 209946900002

Business banks – transaction accounts
Sberbak BH dd Sarajevo…………....1404010021566184
IBAN: BA391404011200159640

Sparkasse bank dd Sarajevo……….1990500058942048

Seed capital: 5.600.000,- BAM 2.800.000,- EUR wholly shared among founders, with possibility of recapitalization and new founders

Locations: Tuzla, Rudnička 11 and Srebrenica, Učina bašča bb
Telephone: 00387 35 364 600, 00387 35 364 601
Fax: 00387 35 364 605
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Management members:
Director: Haso Ahmetović
Member: Denijal Ahmetović
Member: Erol Ahmetović

Production manager: Antonija Divković
General-legal affairs and PR: Fatima Novalić
Commercial department – procurement: Mersiha Rakovac
Accounting: Besima Jogunčić

Transport manager: Jasmin Mujanvić
Production manager Srebrenica: Hajrija Đozić
Staff leader: Zehra Zupčević

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Audit company: Revizija Dautovic Ltd Gracanica.
Product analysis: Veterinary institute of Tuzla Canton.
Veterinary exportation number: BA 230
HACCP AUDIT: Institute for Certification of Systems doo Sarajevo.