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GUSTO – taste of all generations

FREQUENT QUESTIONS – According to what principles does Gusto e Sapore operate?


The objective of Gusto is to realize economic growth through production of top products. This is guaranteed by a technological process, quality of raw material and good know-how. Thereby, it operates according to the principles of sustainable development, taking care of its employees, community and society along with realization of economic growth and profit. Many consumers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Netherlands, Switzerland, England have recognized and rewarded the quality of Gusto e Sapore products with their trust.

The fundamental value of Gusto are its employees and know-how. They are continuously invested in and continuously drawn out inspiration and innovation.
Gusto is a socially sensitive company. It concretely takes part in improvement of social reality of the community, through donations, sponsorship and other activities.
Today, we operate as a modern market-oriented company. Annual production of the company exceeds the amount of 385 tons of fresh cakes (confectionery products), a fifth of which is exported to the European market. Development plans are directed towards strong export orientation strengthening leading positions on the region markets. Overall production is organized according to world confectionery standard, whereby the most severe demands for reaching high quality products are met – company business. We would also like to point out that business is developed with application of ethic principles and reliable relationship towards communities we operate in.
Regardless of constant increase of competition on domestic market, the company realizes a stable organic growth. This means that faster growth of foreign sale is the main generator of growth of Gusto. Continuous investment in development of assortments and lacing new products on market are among the most important characteristics of Gusto business. A marketing step has been initiated by designing new concept of market communication (Russia – Belarus – SAD), with emphasis on top quality, whereby we respect and cherish our rich past based on top quality of products that Gusto consumers rewarded with their loyalty.



Gusto production of wide assortment of fresh cakes, cookies and pasta, developed over 2 years of preparations and 15 years of operation, ensured Gusto with leading role of Bosnian-Herzegovinian producers of these types of products and positioned it next to the world known dessert producers.
During the past 11 years, we started production of “Fruit bar”, “Day and night”, which have remained most important part and pride of Gusto production until present.
Production of the fines dessert and cake “Nougat cake” is related to the beginning of production of fresh cakes. By the end of 2014 we are planning to place it as a TRADE MARK of our wholesale customers (EXPORTERS).
Production of homemade biscuits and a part of tea biscuits was developed on the best tradition of master production. Ever since its successful beginnings until present, we have carefully cherished tradition of production based on experience of our masters of rich experience, top quality and wide assortment (over 282 recipes).